International Scientific and Practical Conference of the Constitutional Courts of the world countries in Kyrgyzstan


On June 21 and 22, 2023, an international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic “The Constitution as a Foundation for Building a Democratic State under the Rule of Law” was held in Kyrgyzstan. The event brought together judges and representatives of constitutional control bodies and equivalent institutions from various countries of the world. This event became a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas in the field of constitutional justice, as well as for discussing the role of constitutional justice in the formation of a legal and democratic state.


The conference was attended by representatives of the Сonstitutional courts from various countries, including Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Belgium, Korea, Portugal, Indonesia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Türkiye, Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with representatives of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe.


One of the primary topics deliberated at the conference centered around the constitutional legacy and the pivotal role of constitutional justice in the establishment of a lawful and democratic state. Participants engaged in in-depth discussions concerning the rationales behind constitutional reforms and the significance of constitutional oversight bodies in facilitating their implementation. Furthermore, valuable lessons were derived from shared experiences, aiming to foster the preservation of the progressive trajectory in the development of a legal and democratic state.


Within the framework of the conference, the challenges and perspectives faced by the constitutional control bodies in the era of global change were considered. The participants discussed issues related to the global transformation of public relations in the context of digitalization, threats of military conflicts and other urgent challenges. They shared their experience and best practices in the field of adaptation of constitutional control bodies to the changing conditions of the modern world.


The experience of the constitutional control bodies of foreign countries in promoting constitutional values in society was also presented at the conference. The participants discussed the impact of constitutional control bodies on raising the legal awareness and legal culture of citizens, as well as on interaction with representatives of public authorities, courts and civil society institutions to promote constitutional values.


The conference participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers for holding such a significant event and acknowledged the high level of preparation of the conference. The International scientific and practical conference “The Constitution as a Foundation for Building a Democratic State under the Rule of Law” has become a fruitful platform for the exchange of experience and the facilitation of dialogue between representatives of Constitutional courts from various countries. This event is important for strengthening the legal and democratic system not only within Kyrgyzstan but across the globe.


Watch the live broadcast of the conference: