Department of International Relations and Organizational Support

Tasks and functions of the Department are:

– provides interaction with bodies of constitutional control of foreign countries, international organizations, admission to the Constitutional Court of foreign delegations, state and political figures, representatives of international organizations, preparation of foreign business trips of judges and delegations of the Constitutional Court, solution of protocol issues;
– studies, summarizes the foreign practice of the bodies of constitutional control and ensures its translation in accordance with the requests of judges and staff of the Constitutional Court;
– provides periodic information on the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), recommendations of the Venice Commission, as well as on the activities of other constitutional courts;
– ensures the translation of the decisions of the Constitutional Court into English and their subsequent publication in the Bulletin on Constitutional Case-Law of the Venice Commission as well as in the CODICES database;
– on behalf of the President and the Secretary General represents the interests of the Constitutional Court in the courts of general jurisdiction;
– on behalf of the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court conducts the reception of visitors on issues not related to constitutional proceedings;
– makes proposals on the activities of the department for inclusion in the draft work plan of the Constitutional Court for the relevant year;
– executes instructions of the Chairman and his Deputy, judges, as well as the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court.