Department of Legal and Analytical Support

Tasks and functions

The task of the department is to provide scientific and analytical support for the activities of the Constitutional Court.

To achieve this task, the department performs the following functions:

– conducts legal and scientific expertise of the normative legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic, the international agreements to which the Kyrgyz Republic is a party and which have not entered into force for the Kyrgyz Republic, the draft law on amendments to the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, which are the subject of constitutional legal proceedings;
– prepares scientific and analytical notes, including the analysis of decisions of the bodies of constitutional control of foreign countries, international courts, judicial practice, indicating the available scientific doctrines;
– assists in the preparation of draft acts of the Constitutional Court;
– prepares draft plan for consideration of the appeal which is accepted for proceedings in order to obtain the information of the rapporteur-judge;
– considers appeals to the Constitutional Court as a preliminary measure and in the cases when the appeals do not pertain to the questions that require the examination by the Judges of the Constitutional Court;
– provides the President, his deputy and judges of the Constitutional Court with analytical materials on the development of constitutional legislation;
– provides legal support for the activities of the Constitutional Court;
– represents on behalf of the President and Secretary General the interests of the Constitutional Court in the courts of general jurisdiction;
– prepares draft annual report of the Constitutional Court;
– develops the draft work plan of the Constitutional Court for the relevant year, taking into account the proposals of the President, his deputy, Judges, Secretary General and other structural divisions;
– ensures the organization of mentoring of other structural units staff for the preparation of scientific and analytical notes and draft acts of the Constitutional Court;
– forms a special database, which stores analytical and scientific materials used in writing scientific and analytical notes;
– on behalf of the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court conducts reception of visitors on issues not related to constitutional proceedings;

– executes instructions of the Chairman and his Deputy, judges, as well as the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court.