Department of Personnel Management and Documentation Support


Tasks and functions of the Department are:
– provides internal and external, including electronic document management, clerical work;
– provides storage of considered cases in established order;
– provides the translation of the judicial acts of the Constitutional Court and other documents into the state and official languages, as well as their internal consistency and authenticity;
– provides the maintenance of personnel issues, including the organization of competition for vacant administrative public positions;
– maintenance of the automated system “Kadry”;
– represents on behalf of the President and Secretary General the interests of the Constitutional Court in the courts of general jurisdiction;
– on behalf of the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court conducts reception of visitors on issues not related to constitutional proceedings;
– introduces proposal on the activities of the department for amending to the draft work plan of the Constitutional Court for the relevant year;
– keeps measures to ensure the secrecy regime in the Constitutional Court and the management of documents with the signature “official use”;
– provides storage of seals and stamps of the Constitutional Court.

Head of department

Phone number: (0 312) 62-20-71